Okay, mate. I know you are broke and need to feel as though you aren't. This is normal when first trying to look good in life. So I am here to help show you how it's done on a paper-boy delivery budget. The answer, is "Temporary Car Insurance"  which you can buy from here. Yes. And this means you will also need a temporary car. Very important.

We both know you are not trying to look good for me. So, when you choose the temporary car, save for a while to make sure it can "look fast" and, be the right color. Choose your favorite lip-stick color, because this will raise the chances that you will attract a woman with the same color of lips.

Now, plan your moves. It is entirely possible, that on your budget, you could not afford a car that actually propels itself forward. That's okay. All you really need is for it to have an engine that "sounds" really, really fast. And, you need to know where your lipstick woman lives. This is what the insurance is for. Just in case she recognizes that you are her paper-boy, and decides to "key" the sides before you push it off her property.

Check here for UK temporary driving insurance. You know it makes sense. And do you need car insurance without a deposit?

Don't worry, this is the last thing you should be concerned about right now. Positive thinking is the true key, here. Now. Choose your clothes carefully, and make sure you have mastered how to make your hair look like it has been blown back from driving really, really fast.

Well done. I want to impress on you here, the wisdom of hiding your bike nearby. Always have a back up plan, dude. Very important. You are smart, and you look good, so she will expect you to have a back up plan. Especially if you chose the right temporary car, covered by the right amount of temporary car insurance.

Now for the irresistible show of testosterone and the potentially very, very fast car ride with a beautiful woman wearing your favorite color on her lips. She totally matches the car, dude. Clever, very clever. All beautiful babes like matching colors. Everyone knows this. AND she WILL realize how good she will look sitting next to you with the fast gunning motor, necking in the front seat, where all the neighbors can see just how slick her new beau's car is. Smart. Match your shirt to her lips, too. This will signal to her subconscious mind, the depth of your true genius.

Now, all you have to do is be there at just the right moment. Bait and trap, right? Every good hunter knows how important this is. Just make sure your timing is impeccable. You must, must, must be there, with the engine sounding fast, and your hair looking very blown back, as she comes out her door on her way to school or work. Don't worry if the car wont go anywhere, because she will be so impressed she wont be able to think beyond sitting in the front seat necking with you. And, when she decides she has to go, you can simply say "okay, let me walk you there, its more romantic." BING. done deal. You now have had your first date with Sweet-lips and you only had to spring for a temporary car covered by temporary car insurance. Brilliant, eh? Now, go get 'em tiger.

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